To live Coastally means different things to everyone. If you live on the West Coast of the United States, and particularly the South West Coast, then you might find people having some of these things in common: the love of having the fresh ocean breeze, sandy beaches, the Pacific Ocean to splash in and ride a wave and most importantly a beautiful weather year round.

Expecting the unexpected

I asked many locals what it means to them to live on the coast, specifically in sunny San Diego (the “Finest City” in US) and what I found out is no surprise to me, as those are the reasons why we live too.

The quality of lifestyle is the most important aspect to everyone with a strong sense of community and amazing schools making it a homerun.

Marked by 70 miles of coastline, gorgeous beaches and an ideal climate, a local passion for healthy living and exercise, walkable neighborhoods, a diverse economic base that includes the U.S. Navy, universities, High-tech and Medical Companies and research centers. If you are a BEER lover, this is the place for you, San Diego is considered the best craft beer scene in America.

One of the greatest charms of this southernmost big city on California’s coastline is its humility, where people are open to giving a helping hand and most importantly a free hug and a big smile.

If you walk in some of the neighborhoods, you will discover some full of historic homes from bungalows and cottages to Spanish Revival mansions.

Exclusive Marketing and exposure

MOVING to San Diego is a blessing.


Call me with any questions or just to SAY HI.

I know that google is great at answering most of our questions, but sometimes it is nice to talk to someone face-to-face or even on the phone.

Are you thinking of moving to Southern California?

San Diego County? I would love to tell you all about the area and any relevant information to help you make the move easier.

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